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Get to that cube, girl!

Anthropy is a fun and light hearted puzzle game where you take the actions of two things; a small ant who has found herself at a picnic, and a small boy. The boy has set up some courses for the ant to traverse, but they aren't entierly finished yet. So your goal as the player is to finish up the courses for the and and also at the same time move the ant to the end of each course, where she can find the almighty sugar cube.

We made this!

Anthropy is a student project made in 1 week at Futuregames Higher Vocational Educations in Stockholm, Sweden. The team included Mattias "Mau" LundellOle JallerEllen AhlinAldo SartoriFelicia Uddling and Alexander Johansson. This game was made march 2020 in Unreal engine 4.

Rated 1.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsMattias "Mau" Lundell, AldoSartori
GenrePuzzle, Adventure
TagsFunny, Singleplayer


Anthropy.zip 499 MB

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Just download and play, it's an exe-file.

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