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Defend your Tree against the Robots!

Fey Foray is a strategy Lane Warfare game where you need to summon your troops to defend against and attack the enemy. As the native space fairy commander you also need to gather resources by sending out Seedlings to harvest the rift to be able to gain an advantage over the enemy space robots. And at the end of the battle you might even be able to find out who the commander of the attackers is...

We made this!

Fey Foray is a student project made in 7 weeks at Futuregames Higher Vocational Educations in Stockholm, Sweden. The team included Mattias "Mau" LundellJulia KollbergErik Martinsson, Cecilia ÖrnhultAlex Bergendorff R. and Andreja Cordeus Kavcic. This game was made january - march 2021 in Unity.


FeyForay.zip 371 MB

Install instructions

Just download and play, it's an exe-file.

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