A downloadable game for Windows

Jump and run, generically!

This game is just another generic platformer, so I tried to make it all the more generic. The player is just a boy, you can collect coins, the enemies are slimes and the sky is of course blue.

I made this!

Generic Platformer was made as an highschool project where we were to create a platformer and was my first look at programming. The game was made april 2017 in Gamemaker Studio. This was a game I made myself.


PlatformMattias.exe 7 MB

Install instructions

Just download and play, it's an exe-file.


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this game is........well...... it is in a minimal window. it gave me a virus warning when i opened it and the music overall is the most generic music ever. The game isnt  bad tho, but it defenetly  is right now unplayable.

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Yes, I'm well aware of this games short comings. It was my first game that I programmed myself so it is definatly bad. But I can assure that there is no virus attached, as it was made as a higschool project. As for the window you can use "alt+enter" to put it on fullscreen (I should probably add that to the description). Thanks for giving the game a shot anyways, it's fun to see!

thanks for your understanding. and that i was trying to help rather then attack. the game overall is fun i might only have been pretty tired when i played this game because I played 4 different bad games before. Yours was the only one that was playable :) so yeah have a good day