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Help Gregor survive!

The scene is that Gregor Samsa is on the brink of death and suddenly gets the urge to eat things from the kitchen. He now has to get to the kitchen to eat without being noticed by anyone in the apartment. But can he do it before he dies?

This game was made only for learning purposes and is not in any way made to earn money.

I made this!

Gregors kitchen run was made as a highschool project where we were to create a game slice based upon a scene from the book The Metamorphosis by Kafka during a period of 3 weeks with two lessons a week. The game was made May to June 2018 in Gamemaker studio. The team included Mattias "Mau" Lundell,  Maja Lindén and Andrea Markovic.


Kafka.exe 6 MB

Install instructions

Just download and play, it's an exe-file.

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