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Hand of Creation is an asymmetrical low paced 3D puzzle game wherein you create things to jump on, hold down buttons and build bridges over the shaky landscape of Limbo. Use your mouse and keyboard to control the main character all the way to sanctuary.

The game is about a master thief who manages to sneak into heaven and steal one of heaven's most prized possessions  - the Hand of Creation. Upon fleeing the rage of the angels the thief manages to get out, but is now trapped in Limbo, a broken world between heaven and hell. You as the player need to find your way out, before the legions from both heaven and hell finds you. The road ahead is filled with obstacles and dangers, but with a keen mind and your new power you can make a path through, and escape.

We made this!

Hand of creation is a student project made in 4 weeks at Futuregames Higher Vocational Educations in Stockholm, Sweden. The team included Mattias "Mau" LundellMaria StugeJonas HolmlundMichael TidebringLee Alex Johansson, Isaac Olander, Theodor BrandtGrimm Svenkerud and Kia Sundborg. Music made by Teodor Huldt. The game is made in Unreal Engine 4.


Game.zip 709 MB

Install instructions

Just download and play, it's an exe-file.

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