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It's time to party!

Party? Party! is an asymmetrical high paced competetive local multiplayer for four players which also incorporates a co-op element. In this mario party-esc game you take turns to play as the drunk friend who ruins the party or as one of the hosts to try to keep the party from spiraling out of control.

Ever wanted to puke in a punch bowl, drink out of the toilet, flip things over, and be really obnoxious at a party? Well, now you can! Party? Party! will let you live out your wildest and darkest party dreams in a safe simulated experience.  Alternativly, if you prefer to take the moral highground and be the perfect host, refilling all the drinks and food, cleaning upp all the puke, being forced to socialize with all your guests then this is the game for you!

We made this!

Party? Party! is a student project made in 2 weeks at Futuregames Higher Vocational Educations in Stockholm, Sweden. The team included Mattias "Mau" LundellGustav Erik LidénSimon Kåks, Abenthy LillieströmRebecka Näsberg, Albin Nilsson and Nicholas Lo. The game was made march 2020 in Unreal Engine 4. Music made by Erik Gudmundson, San Wik, Kurt Areskoug.

* There might still be a few small bugs still in but we hope you can enjoy it anyway :)


PartyParty.zip 153 MB

Install instructions

The game is 4 player co-op only functioning with controllers. It doesn't have online functionality. If you aren't able to play with 4 players in the same room, we recommend using Parsec.  It's a tool that lets you connect your computer to others to play locally. Only 1 person will need to download the game.

Other than that you just download and play, it's an exe-file!


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Holy moly mate!  You've done a great job at this game, I really like it.

You should come to my party, It lasts for a long time, I'm a party gamer,

here is the invite page: https://matty-flavell.itch.io/my-name-is-matty-flavell-heres-my-address-if-you-w...